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Welcome to the General Information

Here you can check on the current maintenance fees, make a request for a reservation for your holiday, check on the club constitution, find out how to transfer your Membership and check on how to pay your Maintenance fees which are due on January 1st each year.

If you are not sure about anything then please e-mail us at general@richvaleresorts.com.


2023 STUDIO STANDARD 469,00 £ 549.00 €
  1 BED STANDARD 538,00 £ 630.00 €
  1 BED ELITE 654,00 £ 766.00 €
  2 BED STANDARD 613,00 £ 718.00 €
  2 BED ELITE 752,00 £ 881.00 €
  3 BED STANDARD --------- ---------
  3 BED ELITE 849,00 £ 994.00 €


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  February HIGH
  March MID
  April HIGH
  May MID
  June HIGH
  July PEAK
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  October HIGH
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  December LOW

How to Transfer Membership

Unfortunately the Club does not operate a resale program and is, therefore, unable to directly assist Members in the resale of occupancies. We can only suggest that members sell week(s) either privately or through a resale company.

Details of reputable resale agencies can be found on the web site of the Resort Development Organisation (previously OTE - Organisation for Timeshare in Europe) visit www.rdo.org.
The club is aware that the resale market is much slower than in the past but our members are successful selling their occupancies. At least on a weekly basis we are receiving documents for transfer where members have sold privately. We are finding at present that members are having most success selling privately rather than using an agency using internet sites such as Ebay etc. or selling to friends, family or colleagues.

When a purchaser has been found it is necessary for all parties to sign the back of the original holiday/membership certificate(s) related to the unit/week(s), being the form(s) of surrender and request. The current registered members complete and sign as the Vendors/Transferors and the prospective new members complete and sign as the Purchaser(s)/Transferee(s).


Once completed and signed the original holiday/membership certificate should then be forwarded to the Management Office together with a photocopy of the purchaser’s passport or driving licence and an original utility bill in the name of the purchaser(s) which must be dated within the last two months. Upon receipt of the correct documentation, completed etc. the transfer of membership will be effected.
The Trustee charges an administration fee for transfers in the sum of £150.00 per certificate. Payment should be forwarded together with the above documentation and made payable to FNTC.

The above information is in relation to a transfer where the purchaser is/are an individual. Please contact the club management office for further information if the purchaser/transferee is a company as additional documents are required and the transfer fee is £500.00 per week.

Documents should be posted to Club Management Office - Pueblo Evita, Avda De Las Palmeras, Urb. Pueblo Evita, Local 7, Benalmadena Costa, 29630, Malaga, Spain.

You can call the management office on 0871 408 9510 from the UK or 0034 952 566 644 email: general@richvaleresorts.com

Management Fees

Management Fees can be paid by bank transfer:
Please ensure the correct account is used dependent on the currency used :

ACCOUNT NAME: FNTC Re Pueblo Evita Management Fees
BANK: National Westminster Bank Plc.
ADDRESS: Commercial Road Branch, 130 Commercial Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO1 1ES
SORT CODE: 56-00-64


EURO Payments GB Sterling Payments
Account No: 39517039 Account No: 36782254
IBAN: GB83 NWBK 6072 1339 5170 39 IBAN: GB48 NWBK 5600 6436 7822 54
When instructing your bank to make a transfer, please ensure your instruction clearly states that you as remitter are to pay all charges and that your bank is to quote your Client ID number when making the payment.